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Interzero – An impressive variety of services: from authorisation to licensing.

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3 material flows

Interzero offers licensing and recycling of packaging, electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. Get started now

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If you are a company without a registered office in Austria, you can entrust us with your responsibilities. We’ll act as your authorised representative.

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Circular consulting

Legal regulations can complicate the fulfilment of your obligations; we provide clarity. You can rely on our experts. Contact us now

Who needs it?

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Packaging licensing:

All companies that sell or deliver packaged goods to end consumers in Austria. These include: Manufacturers, retailers, importers or online retailers. No matter where the company is based.

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Battery licensing:

All companies that place batteries or devices containing batteries or rechargeable batteries on the Austrian market for the first time or import them. This includes manufacturers, distributors and online retailers. No matter where the company is based.

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Waste electrical equipment licensing:

All companies that manufacture, import or distribute large and small appliances, monitors and IT devices, lamps and heat exchangers in Austria. No matter where the company is based.

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Foreign mail order companies, distance sellers and manufacturers without a registered office in Austria, require an authorized representative based in Austria for packaging, waste electrical equipment and batteries in order to continue to be allowed for licensing.

Failure to comply with mandatory participation in an EPR system like Interzero, leads to high fines or written warnings.

Interzero – Digital, efficient and legally compliant

The authorisation process generally comprises the following steps:

Calculator and registration

Determine the expected costs by entering the quantity of the three material flows. After this, you can continue to register.


Existing customer account

Already have an account with us? If so, all the entered quantities for further processing are saved there.


Order a contract

Simply follow the instructions for placing your order and confirm your acceptance of the contract. Done!

Please note*: Since 1 January 2023, you’re obliged to appoint a representative based in Austria. This requires a power of attorney.


Notarisation of your signature on the power of attorney. Use the digital service for a quick and easy process.

*only available to international customers

Our cost calculator for all three material flows

  • Fees are displayed as you enter your quantities
  • A customer account is required to enter data